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ParaQum Technologies has expertise in high performance semiconductor IP and embedded design. We want to be at the forefront in video compression and networking domains as a premier global brand by using seemingly complex technologies to make products that deliver substantial value to our customers.

Our enterprise to excel in our domains of expertise is reinforced by becoming the first to achieve real-time 4K HEVC decoder on FPGA. We broke the clock frequency barrier to run 4K HEVC decoder at less than 150 MHz. Later we focused on shrinking design space to fit into low cost mid range FGPAs. The result was an incredibly fine product that decodes 4K HEVC real time at lower cost and lower power.

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View our video on HEVC Encoder and Decoder to know more about them. In 2014, Paraqum Technologies became the first in the world to do a real time H.265 decoding of a 4K video on an FPGA.